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Uncle Milton's Ant Farm Gel Colony

Uncle Milton's Ant Farm Gel Colony
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A “Space Age” habitat for your favorite ants! 

For 50 years ants have thrived in Uncle Milton Ant Farms. In 2006, Uncle Milton entered the space age with their futuristic Ant Farm® brand Gel Colony™ and have made ant watching easier and more fun than ever!

Maintenance Free… The sleek Gel Colony™ is made of transparent polycarbonate which is highly durable as well as beautiful. Filled with lime colored translucent nutrient gel, the Gel Colony™ contains everything you need to promote a healthy ant colony. (All you add is the ants.) The Ant Farm® Gel Colony™ even includes an order form to receive a supply of live ants by mail.* There is no need to add any supplemental food or water as the gel provides a perfectly balanced diet for your ants as well as an amazing 3 dimensional tunneling environment. While they have always been easy to care for, now you can enjoy the first truly maintenance free Ant Farm®!

Hours of Fascinating Viewing… Unlike traditional sand filled Ant Farms, the Gel Colony™ is completely translucent, giving you a full 3 dimensional view of the tunnels your ants construct. The nature of the gel produces multifaceted tunnel walls as your ants excavate their passageways, one bite at a time. The resulting 3 dimensional tunnels are a remarkable work of art created by some of nature’s smallest sculptors.

Learn & Grow… The Gel Colony™ makes a great Science Fair project, especially if you are prepared to undertake the adventure of capturing ants from a local colony. Capture a Queen and your Gel Colony™ can be self sustaining, displaying the entire life cycle of the individual ant and providing a study of their interdependent culture.

Suitable for ages 6+, adult assistance recommended.

• Ant Farm brand Gel Colony™
• Tunnel starter tool
• Ant Watcher's Manual
• Mail in coupon for a supply of live Harvester Ant workers*

*Ants shipped only within continental limits of USA and Canada. Postage and handling fee required. Delivery of ants may take 3 – 6 weeks, weather permitting (32° - 85° F).
Discontinued Date 2011
Last Selling Price $25.00
MSRP Price N/A
Brand Name Uncle Milton’s
Type Gel
Height 6.5 Inch
Width 8 Inch
Depth 2 Inch
Feature Your Benefit
Discontinued Date
Last Selling Price
Break Resistant… Made of durable impact resistant polycarbonate, the Ant Farm® Gel Colony™ ant habitat will provide many hours of fun and entertainment.
Escape Proof… The secure cover of the Gel Colony™ snaps securely in place. The habitat is equipped with tiny air holes that are far too small to allow a Harvester ant to pass through. In the event you use your Ant Farm® Gel Colony™ to house a smaller species of ant, you will need to seal off the holes with clear tape or another suitable material. (If the habitat is sealed to house small ants, opening the cover for a minute or so every few days will provide your ants with adequate fresh air.)
Nutrient Gel… The translucent green nutrient gel provides all of the food and water your ant colony needs. The maintenance free environment allows you to enjoy the unprecedented 3 dimensional view of your ants and their amazing subterranean world.
Tip Resistant… The outward curving base of the Gel Colony™ habitat provides a stable, tip resistant foundation. It is much easier to enjoy the excitement of young ant watchers when you don’t have to worry about a slight bump knocking the habitat over.
Live Ant Viewer… Children learn to study and appreciate ants without having to confine or harm them. The Gel Colony™ Ant Farm® is a remarkable tool for teaching appreciation for all life.
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