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AntWorks Colors of Life

AntWorks Colors of Life
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Color of Life AntWorks® - A Space Age habitat for ants…

The Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is an unprecedented evolution in the world of AntWorks® habitats. Based on a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle flight which carried experiments designed to study animal life in space, the Color of Life habitat provides you with the opportunity to recreate the essence of the control for the experiment to test if ants would be able to tunnel successfully in microgravity.

The Color of Life AntWorks® habitat is a completely self contained environment for ants. Combining the original AntWorks® habitat with an all new multi-color LED illuminator, the Color of Life habitat provides a whole new viewing experience. Unlike previous gel filled habitats, the AntWorks® Color of Life is filled with a clear translucent gel instead of the common colored gel. By projecting various colors through the clear gel, this amazing habitat is able to transform your tunneling medium into virtually any color of the rainbow!

As with earlier AntWorks® gel filled habitats, the Color of Life nutrient gel contains all the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth in your ant colony. Unlike traditional sand filled habitats, the gel also provides a level of stability the old sand filled ant farms can’t possibly match. While it is never a good idea to shake your ant habitat, if it is somehow inadvertently bumped it won’t cause the tunnels to collapse, burying your worker ants in the process.

The clear gel in the AntWorks® ant habitat also provides a truly unmatched, 3-D view of your ant colony. Watch your ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they create intricate tunnels throughout the translucent medium. The multi-color LED illuminator projects a rainbow of colors throughout the faceted tunnels created by your industrious ants. The sparkling ever changing light sculpture provides the perfect accent lighting, day or night. In addition to the progressive color mode, you can select your favorite rainbow color for continuous viewing by simply touching the small sensor located in the illuminator base.

The Color of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is EASY to care for. In fact it is virtually maintenance free. Since there is no need to add food or water to the Color of Life habitat, ants housed in the Color of Life AntWorks® habitat are truly no fuss, no muss, no bother pets! The Color of Life ant habitat includes an order form to receive a supply of live ants by mail.*

Simply place your ants in the Color of Life AntWorks® ant habitat, secure the lid and let time and nature do the rest. Enjoy countless hours of interesting observation of some of natures smallest, strongest, and most entertaining engineers.

Suitable for ages 8+, adult assistance recommended.

• Habitat with Nutrient Gel
• LED board with four High-Intensity multi-color LEDs
• 110V or 220V power adaptor
• Magnifying Glass
• Extreme Zoom Lens
• Ant Catching/Tunnel Starter Tool
• Instruction Booklet with Interesting Facts About Ants

*Postage and handling fee required. Ants shipped only within continental limits of USA and Canada.

MSRP Price $40.00
Brand Name AntWorks
Type Gel
Height 6 Inch
Width 6.5 Inch
Depth 1.25 Inch
Features Benefits
Gel filled Tunneling Medium… The remarkable clear gel provides all of the nutrition and water your ants need to stay healthy.
• The translucent gel allows you to view the entire 3 dimensional aspect of your ant's tunnels.
• The gel provides a virtually maintenance free habitat, no feeding, just an occasional cleanup as required.
Tip Resistant… The curved shape of the Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat provides a stable, tip resistant base. In the event your Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is somehow tipped over, the stable gel tunneling medium prevents tunnel collapse and prevents your ants being buried as would happen in traditional sand filled ant habitats.
Break Resistant… The Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is made of durable high impact plastic to prevent breakage and the subsequent escape of your ant colony.
Escape Proof… The tightly sealing cover of the Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is equipped with two tiny air holes that are far too small to allow a Harvester ant to pass through. In the event you use your Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat to house a smaller species of ant, simply close off the hole with a small piece of clear tape.
Live Ant Viewer… Children learn to study and appreciate ants without having to confine or harm them. The Colors of Life AntWorks® ant habitat is a remarkable tool for teaching appreciation for all life.
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